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Is Cheap Website Design Worth It?

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Is Cheap Website Design Worth It?

Is Cheap Website Design really worth the money you pay for it?

I am sure that many of you have wondered if cheap web design is worth it, you must have because your reading my post. Today you can get web design for as little as £100.00, but is it really worth it, will it advertise you business in the right way, will it compete with your competitors, is it actually worth the money you pay for it and will it help your business or hinder it?

Truthfully, there are many things in today’s world that you can buy at a cheaper cost that are just as good as the dearer product but website design is definitely not one of them. You need to consider the impact a cheap website will have on your business or how it will reflect you. The cheap website design deal may looks good for those wishing to save a few quid, but how much do these designers really know, how much time and effort are they going to put into your site, are they even bothered about your site or are they just after the quick cash before they move onto the next cheap and easy project. Imagine how much work you would do for someone who is will to pay you £100.00, A website should not only look good (which I highly doubt it will look anywhere close to good for £100.00) but it should also work for you in creating leads, sales be well optimized and simple to use. These are all things that a cheap website is bound to forget.

A well designed webpage, with proper functionality and usability will take anywhere between 20 to over 100 hours or more depending on the complexity of the webpage itself and the functions it aims to complete for the user. Now you know how long it is going to take someone to build a site think about how much money working those hours would earn you in you day job and you will have a very rough idea of how much a site should cost depending on the amount of time spent on it.

Another way to look at cheap web design is, is it really worth it? A website should be built with the capability of expanding in the future. If your buy a cheap website then more often that not the website will not be usable if you want to grow your business. So think If your going to spend money on a cheap website to set your business up and then spend again once you realize that the cheap website was a bad Idea, not only because it doesn’t alloy your online business / blog to grow but the fact that it doesn’t portray your brand very well either. So with that in mind your would be shelling out again for a second website making the first one null and void meaning that is it not worth it to just bite the bullet in the first place?

My Verdict on Cheap Web Design

I think that most people should stop trying to take a shortcut with their website. It is becoming increasing more important these days to have your business online. Being online is just the first hurdle though, your should portray your business brand properly and a cheap website will almost always miss that point. My verdict is that you should always use a professional to build you a site, there are some awesome deals out there that are not overpriced. Cheap website design is definitely not the way to go.

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After working in the design industry for over a decade Dave has become quite the accomplished designer. Working on a range of different design jobs in a range of different programs. He is our go to guy for any graphic design or web design. With over 11 years experience in the design industry David has become quite the established designer and is more that willing to help with your questions.