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How To Design A Roller Banner / Pull Up Banner Inc Template

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How To Design A Roller Banner / Pull Up Banner Inc Template

Now although most places that produce roller banners also offer a design service to creative a truly eye catching design just as we do, sometimes you just want to get your own hands dirty and we understand that. Hence why the simple instructions below will give you a general idea of how to design a roller banner to have it ready for printing at the end of it.

First this would be the software you use. Now although Microsoft has its programs of pretty much every machine these days it really is not the right program to do this in, you will end up with nothing but trouble if you produce this. You would need a program that will easily create a “Print Ready PDF” or A simple “Flat JPG Image”. To do this you would use a program such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw Etc. These programs allow you to produce print ready artwork that is accepted by any printer, although there are other programs that will do the job, these are the programs I recommend.

So first lets take a look at the template below, You cans see that the total size of the banner is 2100mm x 850mm. The is a bleed limit at the bottom of the banner that is 150mm tall, this bleed area will be hidden inside the banner unit that sits on the floor and is used to give you a seamless transition from the printed banner graphic to the unit, so as there is no Cut of area for the banner that would leave white space at the bottom of the banner that is not easy on the eye. after taking the bleed area away at the bottom you are left with a visual printed area of 1950mm x 850 mm, this is the complete visual area of the printed banner right to each edge. If we then keep the information areas such as text etc inside this area and 50mm away from each edge this will be fine to create a banner that is viewable, pleasing on the eye and ready for print.

Roller Banner Template Image

To be able to send your finished file to a printer for printing and finishing your roller banner you would need to create a PDF or a flat JPG image. This is easily done in each program I mentioned above. As lsong as you follow the instructions above you will have a print ready Banner.

Please Feel Free to Download our PDF Roller Banner Template / Pull Up Banner Template Below for more information.

Roller Banner Template, Pull Up Banner Template PDF 2100mm x 850mm


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About the Author:

After working in the design industry for over a decade Dave has become quite the accomplished designer. Working on a range of different design jobs in a range of different programs. He is our go to guy for any graphic design or web design. With over 11 years experience in the design industry David has become quite the established designer and is more that willing to help with your questions.