Could your Company Twitter Accoount do with some more engaging followers?.

Here we have created a list of 8 of some of the most important things that you will need to do in order to increase your twitter followers and their engagement with your company.

1. YOUR BUINESS PROFILE… You should first make sure that your profile is as welcoming as possible to your followers. Design it in way to catch the eye. The more eye catching your profile the better. You can amend you profile picture and your banner but you can also amend the background of your profile and the colour, if you are unable to do this there are people that will supply you with this service at such places like People Per Hour.


2. MAKE YOUR SITE TWEET FRIENDLY… Why not Add tweet sharing buttons to your site. You can add them to your blog posts, this makes it easier for people to share your content on twitter, thus creating and extra channel for your twitter to engage its audience, this also applies to other social media such as Facebook, Pinterest, Linkin, Google + and so on.


3. DON’T BE A ROBOT WITH YOUR TWEETS… You should not just send a tweet once a day like a computer program would do, make your tweets spontaneous, engage with your followers on their own tweets etc. Be more active and sociable just like you would in reality.


4. YOUR TWEETS… Your tweets should represent your company. Keep them short and sweet, use trending hash tags and vary your content. You can follow trending hashtag on the left hand sidebar of twitter. This is a great way to engage with the twitter community.


5. YOUR NICHE… Follow people in your niche and extent to niches that are associated with your company. Engage with fellow people and companies that are in your niche and make contact and build networks.


6. FOLLOW BUTTONS… Add a follow button to your site to allow your readers to follow your twitter account.


7. TWITTER FEED… Add a twitter feed to your website to allow people that visit your site to view your tweets without having to find you on twitter. This creates a another channel for your tweets to be viewed and interacted with.


8. RETWEET & FAV… Do not be afraid to retweet other tweets and to fav tweets, This is a great way to advertise your twitter account on twitter without having to use paid advertising. You can even search  “retweet for like” for twitter and it gives you an audience that are doing the same thing you are and are looking for more followers for their account and are willing to follow you for a follow back.