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Does Soicial Media Really Work?

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Does Soicial Media Really Work?

Have you ever wondered if social media works?

The short answer is yes, Social media works for advertising, conversations, traffic building, audience targeting and more. It is a very powerful tool for business owners to utilize for marketing their business and create more sales and customer interaction. You can use it in a variety of different ways to make the most of it and to build brand awareness.

But Why?

Have you ever wondered why it works? have you ever wondered why social media is so powerful. Have you ever though you just cant be bothered today to go through the social roundabout of social media. Writing blog posts, posting blog posts, promoting blog posts, interacting with your audience on social platforms, this is all such a tedious day to day task.


My theory is that social media only works because we all use it, ask yourself what would happen if nobody used social media, would it be the end of the internet? would it be the end of your website? NO, if nobody used social media then it would take away the need to use social media to promote yourself. So with that in mind, should you use social media? YES, yes of course you should, social media has grown to be a living thing, it is no longer just certain sites that you find in the dark alleys of the internet, these days social media is an integral part of the web. People will use anyway they can to get an edge in this world, if you are not using social media to promote your business they your are behind the times, as you can be sure that your competitors are using it. You can stand an refuse to be cornered by the multi billion dollar corporations, but bear in mind not everyone will stand a defy them, meaning that social media will not die, it will thrive and continue to grow.

Here are four suggestions to make your social media work for you…

1) Provide value to your audience.  If the only time you post is when you are selling something, people quickly tune you out.   But once you become a trusted source with free content, people naturally check yo out and will spend money with you.

2) Engage.  Join the conversation.  Re-tweet and repost interesting things that you notice.  Don’t be afraid to show your personal side.  If you’re watching the FA CUP, Xfactor or the World Cup, open a dialogue with your followers.  They’ll be delighted that you’re actually there and to get to know you a little.  People buy things from people they know, like, and trust.  Instead of broadcasting AT people, try talking WITH them.

3) Pick Where You Want to Plant Your Flag.  No one can keep up with all the social media platforms out there.  Pick the one or two you like best and concentrate on them.  Let your Audience know where you spend your time.

4) Keep and eye on your brand.  Set up Hootsuite or Tweetdeck with a column that tracks whenever you or your business is mentioned.  You’ll know when good things are happening and when bad things are happening.

When good things are happening, you’ll know and can do more of them.  You can thank people for talking you up, developing rapport with your tribe.

When bad things are coming up, you’ll be instantly aware of them and can immediately get to work to rectify them.  If you’re proactive like this, you’ll actually turn people who were dissatisfied and going to leave you, into some of your biggest advocates.

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After working in the design industry for over a decade Dave has become quite the accomplished designer. Working on a range of different design jobs in a range of different programs. He is our go to guy for any graphic design or web design. With over 11 years experience in the design industry David has become quite the established designer and is more that willing to help with your questions.