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Vinyl Wrapping Is Not Just For Vehicles

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Vinyl Wrapping Is Not Just For Vehicles

Vinyl wrapping is the process of taking a sheet of vinyl application graphic and applying it to something. Most people will automatically think of a vinyl wrapped car. Using this process people are able to change the visual colour of the car. Its seems nowadays that most people only recognize vinyl wrapping as working on vehicles. Well this is simply not true. We here at Lazerpics Design & Print in Newton Abbot, South Devon have acquired many different wrapping techniques over the years to be able to wrap almost anything.

Jag XK White Vinyl Vehicle Wrap
Matt Black VW Golf Car Vinyl Wrap
Smart Car Matt White Car Wrap

Above are a few different vehicles that we have completely wrapped in a single colour vinyl in the past few weeks to effectively change the colour and look of each vehicle. Doing this is not only a great alternative to respraying a car, van or any vehicle it also has its practice uses. Wrapping became popular because  lets say you buy a new car, the paintwork on this car is immaculate but as you can image by the time you have been using it for a year or so there will be little scratches form bushes, stone chips and many other small blemishes now on the paintwork. Well wrapping is used as a protective coating to keep the paint underneath as near perfect as possible while giving you the ability to change the colour. This then means that after the years providing you loyal service the vinyl can be stripped off, the car cleaned, to reveal paintwork just as it was from the factory.

But this is not the only thing you can wrap in vinyl. Over the years we have wrapped many different objects from computers to car interiors to laptops, console computers, helmets and just about anything you can think off, a few weeks back we even wrapped a wind turbine. Please check out some of the random things we have wrapped in single colour vinyl and full colour printed vinyl below.

Full Colour Camouflage Helmet Vinyl Wrapping
Vinyl Desk Wrapping
Full Colour Suitcase Vinyl Wrap
Full Colour Laptop Vinyl Wrap
Single Colour Wheel Wrapping
Camouflage Vinyl Wrapping Wind Turbine
Camouflage Helmet Wrap
Full Colour Camouflage Vinyl Wrapping Wind Turbine
Full Colour Camouflage Helmet Vinyl Wrap
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