So you are here to learn about Vector Graphics and the differences they have from Other computer generated graphic, well you have come to the right place. Vector graphics is a creation of an image through commands that place lines on a two dimensional or three dimensional space.

In physics, a vector is a representation of both quantity & direction both at the same time but in vector graphics the file that results from a graphic work is created and saved as a sequence of vector statements. For example in a vector graphic drawing the images is made up of a series on lines and points that then create an image whereas in a bitmap graphic pixels are used to create an image through single pixels of different colours. At any point a vector image can be converted into a raster graphics image (a bitmap image). A raster graphic image is used because of its simplicity to be able to move between systems and programs without the need for a vector graphics program such as Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator and so on. Vector image files are easier to modify than raster image files, Raster Image files can be converted back to a vector image but only at the hands of a graphic designer who would have to rebuild the vector image. This can sometimes be a long a tedious process and is the bane of a graphic designers job. A pet hate for and Vector Graphics designers is a graphic designer that designs a raster graphic with no concept or thought going into what the design is to be used for.

If we take a business logo for example. This would need to be created as a vector graphic. The reason for this is because a vector graphic can be made into any size and colour without the need for long tedious design alterations. It can then be used for something as small as a Left Breast logo on a t-shirt of for something as large as the graphics t go on the side of a lorry, wheres a graphic image is made up f pixels and is built at a certain size with a certain amount of pixels in it, meaning that if you increase the size of the image of a raster graphic you decrease the amount of pixels in it creating an image which is blurry and not very clear and it the graphic design trade this is called pixleated.